In the dental outpatient clinic of Hořovice Hospital we provide patients with comprehensive dental care.


We are healthcare holding AKESO, a leading healthcare provider in the Czech Republic. Our motto "Patient Health. Humanity. Willingness." unites the values we hold in our facilities. Together, we are taking healthcare to the next level.


Dental ambulance

All the dental clinic premises have undergone a complete reconstruction, during which the instrumentation and dental systems were replaced. As a result, the outpatient clinic boasts above-standard patient care and a wide range of services

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Top equipment and high level of care

The Dental Clinic of the Hořovice Hospital is your reliable partner for a healthy and beautiful smile. All dental services are available in one place. The entire team uses the most modern procedures to maximize the quality and efficiency of patient care.


Dentistry is largely an artistic field, a combination of manual dexterity, spatial imagination and medicine. What I enjoy most about being a dentist is seeing immediate results. I like the change in condition before and after the procedure.

MDDr. Martin Rota
dentist with specialisation in stomatology and implantology

The perfect smile starts with us

Kind and compassionate approach
Comprehensive for children and adults
Progressive equipment and tools
Our own modern dental laboratory
Contracts with health insurance companies
Quality patient care
Dental services in one place

Our team

MUDr. Zdeněk Kaiser
chief medical officer
Pavlína Koutníková
chief nurse
MDDr. Martin Rota
MDDr. Antontín Spal

Experiences of our clients

Kateřina S.

The staff here has a helpful and loving attitude towards children. My five year old daughter didn't even sob during the procedure and we went to the appointment time. The modern facilities of the outpatient clinic contributed to the pleasant atmosphere.

Jan S.

The dental hygienist was really caring and worked with great sensitivity. The dentist takes care, informs you of all the steps beforehand and cleans each tooth thoroughly. I look forward to my next visit! :)

Jiřina D.

I had a dental implant in the dental clinic. The doctor explained the procedure and discussed my concerns with me... The caring and helpful staff made me feel safe even during such a procedure. The doctor is very skilled!! I highly recommend him to everyone.

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